Boston Celtics Draft Pick Rumors


The NBA draft is about to arrive and the rumors about trades during this event is ramping up. There have been many rumors of trades involving draft picks making fans wonder, who will make the big splash.

Boston Celtics fans knows that GM Danny Ainge loves to make all kinds of trades at any time on the NBA calendar, especially during draft day. With the amount of assets he has gained through previous trades, Ainge can afford to move around in drafts to get the prospect he really wants. Right now rumors are making the Celtics look interested in move up very high in the 2015 NBA Draft order.

For what its worth, it looks as if Danny Ainge is trying to make a power play here. Jumping up fourth in the draft would be a huge step from where they are currently (16th). Yes this is only a rumor, but there has to be some validity in that the team would be open to move higher (Ainge never leaves a door closed).

The Celtics have contracts they would love to get rid of, and have a war-chest of picks that allows them to explore potential trades. Boston should definitely try to take advantage of the the New York Knicks, if they are willing to trade the pick. While some teams do not want to draft unknowns like  Emmanuel Mudiay or Kristaps Porzingis (due to fear), the Celtics would jump at the chance to draft anyone of them. It would be the one of the best draft positions the team has had in a while, giving fans something to be excited about.

However, it’s not just the number four pick that the Celtics can be linked to. The team also looks to be linked to Charlotte’s first-round pick as well.

The Charlotte Hornets traded away Lance Stephenson recently, and look to be interested to select a guard at the nine spot. Many draft experts believe that the guy the Hornets are most enamored with is Georgia State’s guard R.J Hunter. Many believe that Hunter would be a reach at nine, but he wouldn’t be at 16 (which is where the Celtics are positioned).

Many could see a trade where the two swap first rounders and gives Boston a legitimate chance to draft highly coveted Wille Cauley-Stein. There has been no secret that the Celtics have wanted a player like Cauley-Stein due to his rim-protecting potential. Drafting in Charlotte’s spot would give the “green team” better odds to select him, and possibly get the prospect they’ve wanted from the start.

The Celtics would love to add a prospect like Willie Cauley-Stein to their roster. Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s an exciting time for Celtics fans, because it may look like the team will at least try to move up and draft some talent. That can help Ainge gain more assets that are more desirable to other teams, to trade for a superstar. Or if they like the prospect that much, he can be a solid building block for the future.

Let’s say the team receives the ninth overall pick and drafts Cauley-Stein, that would be a huge missing piece that the team has desperately missed. The Celtics could then build their team around Marcus Smart and Cauley-Stein, which wouldn’t be a bad way to start making a contending team.

Rumors have been coming in full-force so far in this offseason. Whether it be about trades with actual  players, or draft picks, the rumor mill is filling up fast. It’s just interesting to see how Boston has been linked to teams willing to move out of their spot. Ainge is a great opportunist, and looks to create even more magic for fans to get excited about.

C.J Maffris is a Boston Celtics writer for and believes that the Celtics can trade for any pick in the NBA Draft. Feel free to debate with him @SeaJayMaffris

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