A Boston Celtics Pitch to LaMarcus Aldridge


“You could be a legend here.” These words have been spoken to Kevin Love by Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge. While I’m sure Love is at the top Ainge’s shopping list, he should be paying more attention to another forward in the NBA. LaMarcus Aldridge hasn’t squashed any rumors about his upcoming free agency, which leads to all kinds of speculation. It’s time for Ainge to whisper in Aldridge’s ear, and get him in green.

I do generally agree that Aldridge isn’t likely to become a Celtic, but it’s fun to analyze regardless. If I had my say, I’d pour everything into signing Aldridge yesterday. I would prefer to have Aldridge on the Celtics over Kevin Love seven days a week and twice on Sundays.

Aldridge was on the NBA All-Second team, with a busted hand (that needed surgery). I’m not going to call out Love on his durability after what Kelly Olynyk did during the postseason. However, Love seems to be injury-prone and can’t play a full season consistently. Aldridge never seems to have that problem.

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So why not bring in what could be the most dominant big-man the Celtics have had since Kevin Garnett bashed his head on the pavilion. Aldridge would make Boston an instant contender in the Eastern Conference.

That’s what Ainge should be telling Aldridge. “Look how easy the conference is right now. You could very well change the landscape, if you decide to come here”. Sadly, no matter what Aldridge would do in Portland, he would always be overshadowed by Damian Lillard. He would be “THE” man in Boston.

Ainge should also play up how beloved Aldridge could become. Celtics fans still hold their legends in high regard. Aldridge could become that if he played in Boston. All Ainge would have to do is point up to the rafters and tell Aldridge that he could be up their as well.

The team would look solid with Aldridge on the roster. You put him with Isaiah Thomas, who is one of the better floor spacers, and that could spell disaster for opposing teams. He would also help down-low on defense, which would allow Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart to play more aggressive on the perimeter. Plus Aldridge would be the go-to scorer, when buckets were tough to come by. He would be the link that could propel Boston back to the top.

No one really knows if Aldridge will sign with the Celtics. Isaiah Thomas is doing his best to be the pitch-man for the player aspect. However, Thomas can only say so much to hype up the team. It’s up to Ainge to sweeten the deal, and help bring a top-tier talent to his team. Yes, take Aldridge over Love, it would be the best signing available.

C.J Maffris is a Boston Celtics writer for Hardwoodhoudini.com. He also believes that the Celtics have enough cap space to sign any free agent. Feel free to debate about who to sign @SeaJayMaffris

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