Breaking Down The Boston Celtics’ Collection of Draft Picks


Now that the Boston Celtics have shipped any player who has actually earned the right to start on an NBA team out of town, the team with the most titles in NBA history now has the most draft picks, or so it seems.  According to Real GM, the Celtics currently hold 27 draft picks, spread out between the 2015 and 2018 NBA Drafts.

Four drafts, 27 picks.  Mind you, there are a lot of conditions built into these picks, so Boston will not wind up with all of those picks.  Still, that’s a lot of young players for Boston to accumulate if they keep all of those picks.  Now, whether the Celtics wind up using these picks, wind up trading a few to move up in future drafts, wind up trading picks for quality players . . . WHATEVER they decide to do with them . . . is not why I am here today.

Instead, I’m just here to give you a handy guide of which picks the Celtics currently own, and the conditions that surround some of these picks.

2015 Draft Picks

First round pick (own)

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  • First round draft pick from Dallas: this pick is protected for selections 1-3 and 15-30 in 2015, and selections 1-7 from 2016-2020.  It becomes unprotected in 2021.  The way things are going, Boston will not be able to use this pick in 2015, but almost certainly will get to use it in 2016, unless Dallas pulls a major about-face.
  • First round draft pick from LA Clippers: unprotected
  • First round draft pick from Minnesota: protected for selections 1-12 in 2015 and 2016; becomes a 2016 and 2017 second round pick if not conveyed to  the Boston Celtics in the first round by 2016.   Most likely scenario for this pick: second round picks in 2016 and 2017.  Try WINNING sometime, Minnesota!
  • First round draft pick from Philadelphia: protected for selections 1-14.  If Philadelphia fails to convey a first round pick to Boston this year – duh – the 76ers will give Boston a second round pick in 2015 and 2016.
  • Second round pick (own)
  • Second round pick from Washington: protected for selections 31-49.  If Washington’s pick falls within this range, then the Wizards’ obligation to Boston is null and void – no pick for you!

Best-case scenario: The Boston Celtics get seven picks in this year’s draft, five of which come in the first round.

Reality check: The only first round picks the Celtics are going to enjoy this year are their own and the one they inherit from the Clippers.  Still, two first round picks, plus another two or three in the second round (depending on where Washington winds up) makes for a nice 2015 draft.

2016 Draft Picks

  •  First round pick (own)
  • First round pick from Brooklyn: unprotected
  • First round pick from Cleveland: protected for selections 1-10 in 2016, 2017 and 2018; unprotected in 2019 (like Lebron James and company are going to be a lottery team next season!)
  • Second round pick from Cleveland: Unprotected
  • Second round pick from Dallas: Unprotected
  • Second round pick from Miami: Unprotected
  • Second round pick from Minnesota: Unprotected
  • Second round pick from Philadelphia: Unprotected

Best-case scenario: In this instance, the best-case scenario also happens to be the most likely scenario: three picks in the first round, plus five in the second (don’t forget Philadelphia’s first round pick in 2015 will become a second round pick in 2015 AND 2016, and the first draft pick Boston gets from Minnesota most likely becomes second round picks in 2016 and 2017).  Eight picks in one draft?!?  Why not just tell the rest of the teams to stay home, at that point.

2017 Draft Picks

First round pick (own):

Boston may choose to swap its first round pick with the Nets this year, if the Nets’ pick is better.  Boston would then give Brooklyn its second round pick.

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    • First round pick from Memphis: protected 1-10 in 2017, 1-12 in 2018, 1-8 in 2019, 1-6 in 2020 and unprotected in 2021.  This pick will be delivered to the Celtics once Memphis fulfills its obligation of delivering a first-round pick to Denver.
    • Second round pick (own): May be delivered to Brooklyn
    • Second round pick from Minnesota: Unprotected
    • Second round pick from Cleveland: Unprotected
    • Second round pick from LA Clippers: Unprotected

    Best-case scenario: Two first round picks and four second round picks.

    Reality check: The Nets could easily be a worse team than Boston by the 2017 draft, meaning the Celtics would swap first round picks with the Nets and give up its second round pick.  Depending on when the hell Memphis hands Denver a first round pick, Boston will probably end up with 1-2 first round picks and only three second round picks in 2017.  Ha – “only” three second round picks!

    2018 Draft Picks

    • First round pick (own)
    • First round pick from Brooklyn: Unprotected
    • Second round pick (own)

    Aww – Boston only gets three picks in 2018 right now: two first rounders and a second round one.  That doesn’t seem fair, does it?

    Thanks to Real GM and ESPN for helping me cobble this together – that took way more time than I expected!  Boston has a lot of options when it comes to these picks, so don’t count on Danny Ainge hoarding these babies and using each and every one of them in upcoming drafts.  Even if he swaps some for higher picks or quality players, however, the Boston Celtics will be making their presence known in the next four NBA drafts, without a doubt.

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