Ray Allen – You Aren’t Going Anywhere


“Ray Allen may be traded to the Golden State Warriors for Monta Ellis.”
“Ray Allen’s name is being tossed around in a trade that would involve Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison.”
“It appears as though Ray Allen is going to be traded for some variety of players that are on the Knicks or Heat.”
“Kevin Martin of Sacramento could be on his way to Boston for Ray Allen.”

And I am sure, if you wanted to dig inches below the surface, you could find a hundred more rumors that had Ray Allen going to every single team in the league in exchange for someone. For about the last month this is what Ray has had to deal with. Everyone around him was making assumptions about his every last move. If he was sitting out for the game against the Hornets, it must be because he was getting prepared to be traded.

Finally, all talks are put to rest and Celtics fans, but more importantly Ray, can feel comfortable that he is going to stay in the Green uniform and make a run at a title this year. As of 3 pm today, when all talks of Ray Allen had shut down, and the trade deadline had passed, I personally could take a deep breath (breath in…… now ouuuut) that Mr. Shuttlesworth was staying in Boston.

My theory behind Ray that I hope is true, is that this season has really bothered him. If you have followed my posts at all, you know I think Ray has been playing outside of his game. I think he has played this way to prove his worthiness to the team, so they would in return keep him on the team. Through that process he has taken shots unnatural to his ability, thus making himself look bad, while posting bad numbers. He is forcing up shots to be the savior, when his whole time on the Celtics has been based around doing what is best for the team.

It is not his fault, though. Can you blame a guy who wants to stay on a team so bad, he will do anything to prove he should remain? He wanted to hit all of those shots, and make all of those great plays, but they are not in his repertoire. In return this was only hurting the team, because he was focused on himself. That sounds self centered, but if you break down what I just said, it really is for the team he wants to be a part of.

Therefore I am very excited that Allen is staying with the Celtics. I no longer think they needed a huge shakeup, but instead they all need to be focused on the one goal. With 1/5 of that missing in the starting 5, it becomes difficult. Now, I expect Ray to be the player he has always been, and can’t wait to watch him knock down big shot after big shot. At this moment his 3 point percentage is 33.3%. At the end of the year we’ll come back to it, and I guarantee you it will eclipse that percentage by a large margin.

(Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images) /  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)