Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic - The Forwards Advantages

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Outside Game: Magic

               Lewis, Pietrus, and Anderson are all players known for their shooting ability. Although KG is known for his mid range game, he can’t stretch it out to the three point arc, and neither can Tony Allen, Williams, or Billy Walker. With Paul Pierce out, the only Forward the C’s can bring in to stretch the floor is Scalabrine, and Sheed if you call him a Forward, which he plays very seldom. For the Magic, probably their only forward who can not shoot is Brandon Bass. Like we have said before, this is how they have set their team up- to shoot threes. Much like the Yankees put a short porch out in right field then stack their lineup with lefties (although the Magic can’t do anything to their home court to help out with 3’s, but you can understand this is a somewhat appropriate situation to throw a jab in at the Yankees)

Inside Game- Celtics

               With the Magic taking the outside game, it is only fit that the Celtics be better inside and around the basket. This is very much the case as this is how the C’s are lined up. Although KG is mainly a jump shooter, he does from time to time do well at getting in the lane and flipping up a turn around. Williams is only a down low player, Tony Allen likes to drive and try to get fouled, and Billy Walker is very similar to the style of play of TA. For the Magic, players like Lewis and Pietrus have no problem getting to the rim, but would much rather catch and shoot. I feel very repetitious but it is how the story goes.

IQ- Magic

               The Celtic vets are bruised and beaten at this position. Tony Allen has barely played for the past 2 years and is hardly caught up on the C’s movement. Shelden has found himself in situations where he is lost and has no idea where he is supposed to be. Billy Walker has been playing in the D-League, and has not played real time in the NBA. Then you have KG, Scal, and Sheed who are all very intelligent, but are neutralized by the sharp transition to the knowledge of the players below them (and like I said- You can barely count Rasheed Wallace as a Forward). The Magic, on the other hand, are fairly consistent from top to bottom at the Forward position with guys who know what needs to be done. Pietrus and Barnes have been around for the past 6 years, and they are anchored by the 11 year veteran Rashard Lewis. For today, the Magic have a higher IQ than the Celtics, but when Pierce, Baby, and Marquis are back, this will no longer be the case.

Defense- Celtics

               Held by the strong defensive minded Kevin Garnett, the Celtics are the clear cut choice for this title. KG is very vocal on the defensive end, and makes sure that not only he, but the 4 other players on the court are where they need to be at all times. Tony Allen plays great one on one defense, and the same can be said about Scal. Despite how awkward Brian Scalabrine looks playing defense on the court, somehow, someway, it gets the job done. The Magic have no one at the caliber of KG, but Pietrus has locked down on players in his time with the Magic. In last years playoffs, he did very well at bothering Lebron James. Lewis uses his length to play defense as well. This is, however, a major part (forwards) of the Celtics defense that holds teams to around 90 ppg.

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