Two-time All-Star an ideal Boston Celtics antidote for Heat, Magic but Neemias Queta may be preferable: Analyst

A two-time All-Star on a potential deadline seller would be an ideal Boston Celtics antidote for the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic, but converting Neemias Queta to a guaranteed deal may be the preferable route.
Chicago Bulls v Boston Celtics
Chicago Bulls v Boston Celtics / Brian Fluharty/GettyImages

Celtics Wire's Adam Taylor believes that the perfect Boston Celtics antidote to the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic frontcourts is out there: Chicago Bulls center Andre Drummond. While the analyst believes Neemias Queta on a guaranteed deal would be Brad Stevens's preference, Taylor sees Drummond as a viable second-unit option on the trade market.

"Despite being in his 12th NBA season, Drummond, 30, still has plenty left in the tank and can be a viable backup big man for multiple years to come," Taylor prefaced before saying, "He’s currently averaging 7 points and 8.1 rebounds in 34 games for Chicago. Given his size and physicality, Drummond could be the ideal addition for when the Celtics play imposing teams like the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic.

"However, Stevens may prefer to convert Neemias Queta‘s contract into a full-time deal as a reward for his recent good play. Still, if a championship is the goal, Drummond’s experience could prove invaluable off the bench."

Andre Drummond a potential Grant Williams TPE option for Boston Celtics

Bleacher Report's Greg Schwartz believes Drummond could be a Grant Williams TPE option as the trade deadline nears.

"Drummond could be a buy-low option, as his $3.3 million salary fits into a $6.2 million trade exception created by the Grant Williams sign-and-trade," Schwartz prefaced before saying, "Drummond's 20.7 offensive rebound percentage would rank No. 1 in the NBA if he had enough minutes to qualify."

Boston has not shied away from major deadline additions during Stevens's President of Basketball Operations tenure, but the Bulls are in an NBA Play-in spot. As long as Chicago is in striking distance of a playoff spot, having a plug-and-play option like Drummond doesn't make sense giving up unless the price is steep enough to make it a no-brainer.

Boston doesn't have to pay that price, as Taylor notes, and wouldn't have to unless there was a temporary absence expected for Al Horford or Kristaps Porzingis.

Because an extended absence to either could have the Celtics taking an even bigger swing come February.