Trading away a fan-favorite near-star to the Boston Celtics helped Spurs land Victor Wembanyama

Boston Celtics v San Antonio Spurs
Boston Celtics v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Had the Boston Celtics never traded for Derrick White from the San Antonio Spurs, it's likely Victor Wembanyama would've never brought his brand of generational two-way skills to the Alamo City, as ClutchPoints' Hector Ledesma relays.

"Given that San Antonio's biggest direct dividends from trading White is the back-up point guard Blake Wesley, it's apt to say Boston won the trade – the key word being 'direct,'" Ledesma prefaced before saying, "Because the same guy who's helped these Celtics reach levels they hadn't, probably would've helped the pre-Wemby Spurs win more games.

"No Derrick White trade, no Wembanyama."

When you're right, you're right. And Ledesma is correct in pointing out that White was a major reason why San Antonio was constantly hanging around the postseason picture; with Dejounte Murray and LaMarcus Aldridge also being responsible for that.

Victor Wembanyama could be who ends Boston Celtics' reign of dominance

Nothing has been won yet, and Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving could well spoil things for the Celtics and have them reconsider if their roster can get them over the top in the offseason.

But assuming Boston is able to get the job done as the favorites in the Finals, 2024 could be the beginning of a reign of dominance from the Celtics for the next half decade or more.

Unless Wembanyama has anything to say about it.

No young player has more potential for greatness than Wembanyama across the entire Association. That's probably not a point most would try to debate outside of Oklahoma City or Orlando. With the right pieces around him, Wemby could get the Spurs into the postseason in 2025 and from there on out. He's that good.

If anyone would have a chance to stop any potential Cs dynasty down the line, it'd be the French phenom.

That'd be fair payment for San Antonio sending White to the Celtics if Boston does start hanging banners from the TD Garden rafters again.