Traded Boston Celtics guard can serve as warning for future

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CelticsBlog's Bobby Manning believes that Dalano Banton, who was dealt at the trade deadline, could serve as a warning for the Boston Celtics after his ascension on the Portland Trail Blazers following his departure from the Cs.

Manning provided another name that stings for Celtics fans to hear, Aaron Nesmith, as a similar example of a player they seemingly gave up on too soon.

"It’s too early to say if dumping the latter will cost Boston, more focused on its championship pursuit than the long haul, but it could provide some warning against moving on from a young player too soon," Manning prefaced before saying, "Aaron Nesmith emerged in a similar manner at Indiana and the Celtics never filled their 15th roster spot."

Banton was dealt for a heavily-protected second-round pick, essentially nothing in laymen terms, but has upped his scoring to a career-high 16 points per game in 27 minutes per game with the Trail Blazers.

Dalano Banton wouldn't have gotten same opportunities with Boston Celtics

Did Boston give up on Banton too soon? Perhaps, but the way he was playing before he was dealt, shooting 37% from the field and 12% from the 3-point line, it didn't look like he'd contribute to a championship roster anytime soon.

Jaden Springer, who along with Xavier Tillman, accounts for Brad Stevens' low-risk, high-reward trade deadline haul, has already shown more potential as a fit. His offensive game hasn't come along yet, but his defensive prowess has been evident in 13 appearances.

Banton may end up being the better player, and there may be a point where a need at point guard could've been filled by the former short-term Celtic. But you can't fault Stevens for his deadline moves since very few could've predicted such an outburst from the Nebraska product.