Traded Boston Celtics big would be Alperen Sengun's backup if he lands with Rockets: Analyst

Boston Celtics v Houston Rockets
Boston Celtics v Houston Rockets / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

Recently traded Boston Celtics big man Robert Williams III would be Alperen Sengun's backup if the Time Lord were to land with the Houston Rockets; this, at least, according to Inside The Rockets' Jeremy Brener.

"Should Williams come to the Rockets, he would likely become Alperen Sengun's backup next season, giving the team a strong defensive presence in the post in the second unit," Brener wrote.. "The Rockets will likely need someone other than Williams to address those problems for this late-season run, but it wouldn't hurt to invest more in the future."

Brener was referencing Bleacher Report's Chris Haynes' report that Ime Udoka's fondness for Williams could make him an option for Houston.

"Ime Udoka has always, and still remains very fond of Robert Williams," Haynes said. "So I wouldn't be surprised if Houston is in the mix."

Former Boston Celtics big man Robert Williams III 'definitely available'

As Haynes would go on to say on his "This League" podcast, Williams is "definitely available" ahead of the trade deadline.

“There are some teams that are pondering making a move for Robert Williams,” Haynes said (h/t MassLive). “Now, I know Robert Williams is out for the season ... but teams feel like he would be somebody that could get on the cheap right now and allow him to continue recovering, continue rehabbing in hopes that he can blossom back into the Robert Williams that we’ve seen when he was playing at a high level with the Boston Celtics.

“The Blazers will be very open. That’s not up for debate. If they get the right deal in place, they will be open. ... Robert Williams is somebody that is definitely available.”

Williams is a shoo-in to be traded, but the Rockets may not be in a rebuilding space by February 8. It's an intriguing scenario since the Portland Trail Blazers themselves are a rebuilder that's basically already out of the playoff race.