The New York Post shares cope about Jeff Van Gundy potentially winning title with Boston Celtics

Jeff Van Gundy winning a championship ring with the Boston Celtics is upsetting the New York media
Jeff Van Gundy winning a championship ring with the Boston Celtics is upsetting the New York media / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Van Gundy is one of the Knicks figures throughout history that gives most current fans the warm fuzzies. He never won in New York, but his teams exemplified the tough Knicks teams that define what The New York Post's Stefan Bondy calls the "golden ages" of the franchise. As you can imagine, there is a lot of cope being shared from the boroughs with Van Gundy just one win away from getting a ring with the Boston Celtics after the Cs built a 3-0 lead; a lead that's never been overcome in 156 tries in NBA history.

Bondy represented a good portion of Knicks fans' distaste with Van Gundy going down as a winner in history by having helped Boston reach Banner 18.

"’ll still be difficult for Knicks faithful to see (or at least imagine) Jeff Van Gundy, a main character of the Knicks’ last golden era, getting his first NBA title with the friggin’ Celtics," Bondy wrote.

"...within his first season in Boston — after spending more than 12 years with the Knicks until 2001 — Van Gundy is a win away from receiving a ring. I’m guessing it will have a shamrock on it. Doesn’t feel right."

Jeff Van Gundy could join Joe Mazzulla's Boston Celtics coaching staff

If this ring hurts New Yorkers, just wait. It could hurt even more if Joe Mazzulla hires Van Gundy to his coaching staff in the offseason -- as has been previously rumored.

Van Gundy has been praised for his work with the team's "stay-ready" group, which admittedly wasn't ready in Game 4 but has seen big performances throughout the postseason. It's possible for him to receive external interest too. Perhaps even by the Knicks in an overpay. That's usually how it goes.

But Van Gundy can begin building something lasting in Boston by taking Mazzulla up on his offer, if it gets sent his way. One more victory with solidify him in the Celtics' lore and make him irreplaceable in Boston.