Tatum awakens, Holiday dazzles: Takeaways from Boston Celtics' Game 3 win over Cavs

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Three
Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Three / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Game 3 was the Jrue Holiday game

As Green Day would sing, "On Holiday"; so was the case tonight.

The former NBA champion and All-Star had his best game as a Celtic arguably. The point guard finished with a playoff-high 18 points, eight rebounds, and five dimes on a blistering 70% shooting with three long balls. A +15 on the night defensively, he was Boston's best solution against Garland and Mitchell consistently throughout the evening.

With Derrick White and Horford being in a bit of a slump lately, the sacrificial nature of Holidaymay need to shift the rest of the series. The crafty guard needs to be more assertive when the moment arises. After all, he was far and away the best corner three-point shooter in the league this season. Luka coined him a top-three perimeter defender in the league currently.

We couldn't agree more, but he is so much more than an ace defender. The underrated floor general should be the table setter for the C's offense to make the Jays' lives easier. No more Tatum or Brown bringing the ball up the floor with Jrue out there.

In closing, the Boston Celtics have bounced back in a big way and now look to continue their momentum as they push toward Game 4 on 5/13.

Teams that go up 2-1 in playoff history have won the series 80.1% percent of the time.