Struggling west team can admit trading for ex-Boston Celtics heart and soul was a mistake

A struggling Western Conference franchise can admit that trading for the Boston Celtics' former heart and soul was a mistake, suggests one analyst.
Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers
Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Sir Charles in Charge's Michael Saenz believes the Memphis Grizzlies could put Marcus Smart on the trade block following Ja Morant's season-ending shoulder injury, but furthermore, Saenz believes the Grizz could concede that trading for the Boston Celtics' former heart and soul was a mistake.

"Maybe the Grizzlies want to see Smart playing alongside Morant next season but is Smart the type of difference-maker that is going to help this team take a huge step forward when they're healthy? That's what the Grizzlies will ultimately have to answer over the next few weeks," Saenz prefaced before saying, "If Memphis isn't trading Smart, they're essentially going to have to run back the same supporting cast around Morant next season. Let's not forget, this was a supporting cast that got the Grizzlies off to a historically bad start.

"Maybe the Grizzlies admit the move for Smart was a bit of a mistake and decide to move him at the trade deadline. There has to, at the very least, have to be a conversation about this possibility."

Boston Celtics the only winner of the Marcus Smart trade

Memphis made several mistakes this offseason that have let them become one of the league's most regrettable franchises. Trading for Smart was even the biggest mistake the Grizzlies front office made this offseason.

Perhaps the biggest mistake Memphis made was dismissing Dillon Brooks' contributions, and potentially even leaking things about him that had pundits proclaim he would be playing in China in 2023-24. Evidently, swapping out Tyus Jones has not aged well considering Derrick Rose has looked, well, aged, thus far this season.

The biggest downfall of the offseason was Steven Adams's injury, but the Grizzlies front office cannot imagine that his absence would unravel everything the way it did. Remember, Memphis thrived without Morant in the lineup the last few years but were a bottom-six team in 2023-24.

Between Washington being a league-worst team and the Grizzlies suffering like they are, it appears the Celtics were the only winners of the Smart trade.

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