Rumors swirling on Kelly Olynyk to the Boston Celtics, despite high unlikelihood

Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz
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Despite the high unlikelihood of it happening, rumors of the Boston Celtics trading for Kelly Olynyk have been swirling as 98.5 The Sports Hub's Joe Murray pointed out.

"Yes former Celtic Olynyk has been linked to the Celtics multiple times this season," Murray prefaced before saying, "This move would be a little harder for Stevens to pull off because of Olynyk’s contract, but Olynyk fits exactly what Stevens is usually looking for at the deadline. He’s a stretch big man that can space the floor and knock down the 3 when needed. Boston fans are very familiar with Olynyk, as he was drafted by the team in 2013. I don’t think Boston has the money to pull this one off but rumors have been swirling and Stevens has an ability to make moves seemingly out of thin air."

That contract Stevens is referring to is the expiring $12.1 million Olynyk is owed in 2023-24; of which a prorated portion would be paid out by the Cs by the time they'd theoretically land the former Danny Ainge lottery pick.

Boston Celtics most likely not trading Payton Pritchard to land Kelly Olynyk

The NBA is the league where amazing happens, and that oftentimes means highly unlikely occurrences take place without warning. Boston landing Olynyk wouldn't happen without warning, but it would shock Celtics fans.

Why? The only conceivable way to land Olynyk outside of trading the team's top six players (Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kristaps Porzingis, Derrick White, Jrue Holiday, Al Horford), which is as likely as life on Mercury, would be Payton Pritchard serving as the main return piece for the Utah Jazz.

Pritchard's numbers have steadily improved all season, and the endgame for that is not being traded for Olynyk. Even with Pritchard having the Danny Ainge connection -- given that he was Ainge's last first-round selection as Celtics GM -- the Utah Jazz won't be executing any Olynyk-PP deals anytime soon.