Pursuit of Boston Celtics trade target doesn't make sense on a couple of fronts

A pursuit of an oft-mentioned Boston Celtics trade target doesn't make sense on a couple of fronts.
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MassLive's Brian Robb claimed that he's out on a Boston Celtics pursuit of PJ Tucker, who he feels would cost too much to pry from the Los Angeles Clippers in a trade given what he brings and what the Cs have to offer for him.

"I think some more big man insurance would make sense but count me out on PJ Tucker, Robb wrote. "The Clippers will undoubtedly try to shop the veteran forward who has fallen out of the rotation in recent weeks. However, he doesn’t make sense for Boston on a couple of fronts. To start, he’s a hesitant shooter at this stage of his career that teams can help off of and that’s not the type of player Boston should be looking to bring into their offense at this point. Additionally, his salary for this and next season ($11 million each year) would be tough to salary match without including 3-4 bench players in the deal. He’s not good enough to shake up the bench like that."

Like fellow Celtics trade target Kelly Olynyk, Tucker is a longshot candidate to land in Boston barring a buyout. Trading salaries owned by Payton Pritchard and Sam Hauser don't move the needle enough for Brad Stevens to consider such a drastic second unit switch-up.

Mixed opinions on Boston Celtics pursuing PJ Tucker in a trade

Not everyone is out on adding Tucker to the Celtics. NESN's Jason Ounpraseuth likes the fit of the 38-year-old next to Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown as a standstill long-range shooter who can spell the pair defensively.

"It’s still early to determine who would be a buyout candidate, but P.J. Tucker reportedly is unhappy about his lack of minutes on the Los Angeles Clippers, and he’d be a solid fit around Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown," Ounpraseuth wrote. "Payton Pritchard, Sam Hauser and Al Horford are locked-in bench players in the rotation, but another consistent contributor could help put Boston over the top to better its chances of capturing an NBA title."

Again, though, barring a buyout, don't expect Tucker in Boston unless something catastrophic and unforeseen occurs.