Three-time NBA champ should be Boston Celtics' next signing

A three-time NBA champion on three different teams should be the Boston Celtics' next free agent target.
Boston Celtics should target a three-time NBA champion free agent
Boston Celtics should target a three-time NBA champion free agent / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Boston Celtics are playing at a very high level early in the season and have the most dominant starting lineup in the league after the major additions of Jrue Holiday and Kristaps Porzingis. That starting five does not feature the strongest bench behind them, though.

The Celtics have everything that they need in their starting lineup but what they need now in the second unit is a great three-point shooter who can provide them with solid two-way production -- and the perfect player for this role is three-time NBA Champion Danny Green. 

Green is a proven winner in his career, playing a key part in every NBA Championship his teams have accumulated. He can come in at a very cheap price while giving the Boston Celtics a solid 10-15 minutes a night. Green's championship experience is also very valuable because he will know what exactly needs to be done. And in several different cities with vastly different styles.

Boston Celtics need a malleable veteran with big-game experience

Green is a battle-tested veteran and is willing to accept any role to add to his three-finger ring collection. The Celtics need to make the move and acquire the veteran before a franchise with similar championship aspirations gets all of his positives instead.

Green can be a low-risk insurance policy for Sam Hauser should the Virginia product never reach his full potential, or simply a positive locker room presence on a roster that only has one past champion, Jrue Holiday, at the moment.

Whatever his role, Green will fill it with class, grace, and with a team-first mindset. Again, this is the kind of player the Celtics need to add as the deadlines come up for their non-guaranteed role players; most of whom have already lost their spots in Joe Mazzulla's rotation.