Marquee Boston Celtics offseason addition's advice for Jaylen Brown after ejection

The Boston Celtics' marquee offseason addition had advice for Jaylen Brown after his ejection against the Knicks.
Nov 13, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum (0), center Kristaps
Nov 13, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum (0), center Kristaps / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Kristaps Porzingis gave his teammate and fellow bromancer Jaylen Brown advice following No. 7's ejection during the Boston Celtics' 133-123 victory over the New York Knicks at the TD Garden on December 8: maintain your composure and don't let the referees shake you off your game.

"He got a little riled up, some calls and we knew that everybody needed to calm down a little bit," Porzingis prefaced before saying, "Both teams probably feel the same way. You rarely hear someone say something good about the refs, the refs always get all the blame ... I think we have to do a better job of maintaining our composure. JB, it doesn't happen too often to him, it probably happens to more to me than anybody else on this team, but we're working on it. This is a part where we can grow."

Given the relationship the two have formed since Porzingis arrived in Boston, perhaps the Latvian center is the best messenger to get through to Brown; not that he's someone who will be dealing with this kind of problem for long, as Porzingis points out.

Jaylen Brown sounded off on refs following ejection from Boston Celtics' win over Knicks

Brown's rant against the referees was brutal enough to warrant Porzingis chiming in. The Marietta, Georgia native called the ref who sent him to the locker room "overemotional" and repeatedly cussed during the post-game presser.

"I always thought my first career ejection would be something a little more exciting -- maybe a tussle or something, guys get folded up, go to the ground, not some overemotional ref who had a bad day," Brown exclaimed. "What I'm most upset about is I should've gotten my f---ing money's worth.

"I think it's a difference between showing emotion and it being disrespectful or derogatory towards another person. I don't think I was directing it towards him whatsoever, especially on the second one, it wasn't even close. I'm on the bench, I'm talking from the sideline. He can't even hear anything I'm saying. So he called the tech from across the court. That's for sure, [having] to do with somebody having their emotions too involved in whatever else is going on and they're assessing their power with technical fouls. I ain't gonna comment on officiating in general, but I am gonna comment on this guy in particular tonight. I thought that was bulls--t."

Let's hope Brown and the refs doesn't become a feud that costs the Boston Celtics their All-NBA forward for any more stretches.