Magic Johnson: Bucks losing Boston Celtics' key addition to blame, not Adrian Griffin

Golden State Warriors v Milwaukee Bucks
Golden State Warriors v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Magic Johnson had a lot to say in the wake of the Milwaukee Bucks' firing of their head coach, Adrian Griffin, on January 23. One of his main points was that the Bucks' defense suffered not because of Griffin, but because of Milwaukee's loss of Jrue Holiday; who eventually ended up in the worst place for the Bucks, the Boston Celtics.

"I think the Bucks firing former Head Coach Adrian Griffin was a big mistake," Johnson said. "It’s not his fault the Bucks traded their best on-ball defender, Jrue Holiday. They are not a good defensive team and are all-around too slow."

Johnson also claimed that every team in the east outside of the Celtics is in need of making a move.

"Outside of the Boston Celtics, multiple teams in the East need to make a trade before the deadline including the Bucks, 76ers, Knicks, Cavaliers, and the Hawks," Johnson said.

Magic Johnson approves of former Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier landing with Heat

Johnson liked that former Cs playoff hero, "Scarry Terry" Rozier, ended up on the Miami Heat; this in a deal with the Charlotte Hornets for Kyle Lowry and a future draft pick.

"The Miami Heat made an excellent trade acquiring Terry Rozier from the Charlotte Hornets, where he averaged 23 points per game," Johnson prefaced before saying, "He's an Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley type of player who will definitely make the Heat more explosive!"

Miami made the strongest move to the top of the standings thus far during #TradeSZN, unless Griffin does turn out to be who was holding the Bucks back. If Rozier's Heat playoff career more closely resembles the "Scary Terry" 2018 postseason run than the 2019 postseason, the Celtics must hope that what they already have on the roster is enough to conquer their biggest roadblock of the Jays era.