Luka and Jokic in Denver? LeBron to the Warriors? How NBA can try to stop a Boston Celtics dynasty

Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets
Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets / C. Morgan Engel/GettyImages

It's possible that the Boston Celtics can win the NBA Championship in June. Perhaps even probable.

The Cs are the current betting favorites and have two stars in the middle of their primes playing their best basketball in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown; not to mention a third star in Kristaps Porzingis who is playing the most efficient basketball of his career in his first go-round with in Boston. Jrue Holiday's elite defense (all over the floor) and championship experience are the cherry on top.

If/when an 18th championship is won by the Celtics, the rest of the NBA will have a very serious problem on their hands: Boston, at that point, may just be getting started.

And if teams don't actively try to build a team with enough firepower to beat the Cs, a dynasty could be in its early stages.

How the NBA can try to stop a Boston Celtics dynasty

With many of the league's top stars aging deep into their 30s, it's clear a new era of the NBA is dawning. At ages 27 and 26, respectively, Brown and Tatum won't be going anywhere, and may well be leading the charge for the new generation.

But several stars around the league who've already been to the mountaintop -- and several who have not yet been in the proper environment to win -- could band together to form super-teams in order to stop them.

Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic team up on the Denver Nuggets

Nikola Jokic's Denver Nuggets are a season removed from their first title in franchise history, and for all we know, they can be a dynasty in the making themselves. By season's end, Denver may be the No. 1 seed out west. And from there, the Nuggets could go on another run through the Western Conference and take down the Cs or any other team in the east.

Let's assume that doesn't happen, though, because only 13 teams have ever won back-to-back championships throughout the league's history; and teams with one superstar don't tend to be the kind of outfits that do that. How does Denver get back on top?

Well, if the Dallas Mavericks continue to falter with their thus-far-failed pairing of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, the former could be a potential trade option in the offseason if Mark Cuban decides to tear it down and start anew.

Jokic teased Doncic making his way to the Mile High City should the Slovenian star get "pissed off" in Dallas.

"It's possible," Jokic said of teaming up with Doncic (h/t Inside The Nuggets). "I don't want to leave Denver. I like it there and it's a great organization. But if Luka gets pissed off in Dallas, he can come."

If things go awry, the Nuggets can attempt to swap out one or more of their own Supermax contract-holders (Jamal Murray, Michael Porter Jr.) with the league easing rules on having multiple Supermax deals on one roster in 2023.

LeBron James does the unthinkable and joins forces with Golden State Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers have wasted the extended prime of LeBron James. It's quite frankly been basketball malpractice, between Darvin Ham's lack of authority as head coach and Rob Pelinka's mistake of committing hundreds of millions to a core that was swept out of the postseason by the Nuggets in 2023.

James may not have more than a few years left in his career, and if he ever plans on passing Michael Jordan in championships, helping out his case to be the NBA's G.O.A.T., he needs to leave Los Angeles ASAP.

Enter the Golden State Warriors, who tried to open up a dialogue with the Lakers front office at the trade deadline about a James swap. With their own aging core, the Dubs need a roster boost themselves.

Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. ought to offer the Lakers everything outside of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, though not going overboard giving up too many draft picks and pick swaps in the process as to not compromise the future, to land LeBron.

Kyrie Irving joins Miami Heat for ultimate revenge on Boston Celtics

Rest assured, should the Celtics win a championship, the Miami Heat, their primary roadblock to the NBA Finals in the Tatum/Brown era, will respond. After failing to land Damian Lillard last offseason, landing a star like Kyrie Irving could be on the table; especially if the Mavs tear it down following another disappointing season.

Miami thought Terry Rozier would help fix their backcourt issues, but alas, he is not the fit Pat Riley bargained for. Irving would provide championship experience, something the Heat currently lack, and could bail the team out should their all-world role players go quiet in the playoffs.

Irving going to any other team would lack the punch that his being in Miami would have to the gut of Boston Celtics fans. The Heat could make serious waves if they figured out how to swap an underwhelming Rozier for the polarizing eight-time All-Star.