LeBron James takes shot at ex-Boston Celtics Malcolm Brogdon and Robert Williams III

Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics
Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

During his new Mind the Game podcast with JJ Redick, LeBron James took an unsolicited shot at former Boston Celtics Malcolm Brogdon and Robert Williams III by claiming that they, along with two future first-round draft picks, were merely a "bag of Lays potato chips" that the Cs had to give up to land Jrue Holiday in the offseason.

“Like I said, personnel helps," James said (h/t Sports Illustrated). "Adding [Kristaps] Porziņģis and getting Jrue [Holiday] for a bag of Lays potato chips, that helps as well."


Brogdon was the league's Sixth Man of the Year in 2022-23, averaging a shade under 15 points per game while adding four rebounds and nearly four assists as well. His play has stayed consistent with the rebuilding Portland Trail Blazers during the 2023-24 season as well.

As for The Timelord, Williams has been out of sight and out of mind this year since he's suited up for just six games -- but the ex-Celtics starter on the 2022 Finals squad was a key component of Ime Udoka's team's identity in a double-big arrangement along with Al Horford. Boston fans were often hesitant to give Williams up in any trade despite his injury-proneness.

Celtics fans most certainly don't consider those guys a bag of potato chips, even if Jrue Holiday has been able to provide a lot of what both players contributed to the team after coming over in the late-offseason blockbuster; one that came five days after the Damian Lillard trade.

LeBron James already emotionally hedging against a Boston Celtics title win

James downplaying what the Celtics gave up sure reads like the "king" is emotionally hedging against his greatest arch-rival franchise raising Banner 18 before his Los Angeles Lakers do.

By labeling the Holiday trade as a steal -- and in truth, it turned out to be, but at the time it seemed like a fair price, if not a slight overpay -- James has set the stage for fans to claim Brad Stevens' work in the offseason was somehow unfair.

LeHedge always has something up his sleeve, and since his playoff plans can't be to actually stop the Celtics, of course if his Lakers even make the postseason by making it out of the Play-In Tournament, he's claiming that Boston beat the system.

And he's taking shots at NBA careers that don't deserve it in the process.