LeBron James getting Lakers one more title earns him statue if Boston Celtics don't win one: Analyst

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers
Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

CBS Sports' Sam Quinn believes that if LeBron James can get the Los Angeles Lakers Banner 18, all while the Boston Celtics fail to get one until after his retirement, then the "king" would deserve a statue outside of the Crypto.com Arena; much like the Kobe Bryant statue that was unveiled on February 8.

"I think if he gets a second ring and Boston doesn't win one in this era, he gets a statue," Quinn prefaced before saying, "if you're the guy that took the Lakers ahead of the Celtics on the all-time ring leaderboard, you have to get a statue."

With the Lakers standing pat at the trade deadline, while only signing Spencer Dinwiddie to a portion of their MLE after he was traded to the Toronto Raptors and waived, winning a championship may be easier said than done...

Boston Celtics legend has no faith in Lakers being a contender this season

Kevin Garnett shared on his KG Certified podcast that he doesn't see the Lakers as a contender, letting everyone in the room with him know that if he thinks L.A. is, that he is "f****** delusional."

“I think anybody sitting here looking at the Laker team and thinking they can actually contest in the west for a title is f***** delusional," Garnett proclaimed. He'd add context on social media.

"Real (s***), I don’t see the Lakers in the contender category AT ALL… they need to get Bron some help ASAP, these are valuable years they not gon get back from him," Garnett tweeted.

The Celtics are certainly in a better position to raise Banner 18 this fall than the Lakers, with L.A. potentially sitting on the outside looking in when the playoff field is finalized after the NBA Play-In Tournament.

Here's to keeping a LeBron statue off the streets of Los Angeles indefinitely.