Last-second Boston Celtics trade deadline move 'doesn't matter all that much'

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers
Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Boston Celtics proclaimed they wouldn't be pursuing a game-changer at the trade deadline going into it, and though the additions of Xavier Tillman and Jaden Springer excited Cs fans and, in the case of the latter, angered the fans of the team that traded him, the truth is that the front office stuck to their plan.

CelticsBlog's Michael Spooner believes that the Springer trade, despite the hoopla, "doesn't matter all that much."

"Jaden Springer hasn’t exactly sprung (sorry) into the NBA," Spooner prefaced before saying, "He’s had to pay his dues. He’s worked his way from the G-League, playing well enough to parlay that into what we thought was a deep bench spot on the Sixers. And now, somewhat inexplicably, he’s a Celtic.

"I don’t know how this Springer trade will turn out, and honestly it doesn’t matter all that much given how little the Cs gave up, but I know Springer will make the absolute most of it. He’s not the clean offensive fit that Pritchard is, but he’s got a lot more talent and upside than most 4th guards in the league. Brad’s gamble on Springer might not work, but it won’t be for lack of trying."

Jaden Springer won't get postseason minutes for Boston Celtics barring injury, fall-off from Payton Pritchard and/or Sam Hauser

The path to playing time in the playoffs for Springer will be a difficult one to say the least. Barring an injury, or a severe shooting slump from Payton Pritchard and/or Sam Hauser, it's likely No. 44 will be riding the pine.

If Joe Mazzulla has to give any minutes to Springer, it'd mean a team is dominating on the perimeter in minutes Jrue Holiday and Derrick White are sitting. Those minutes should be few and far between anyway. If it happens while those two are in the game, there's bigger issues entirely.