Kristaps Porzingis addresses 'Huntin' Wabbitz' shoutout from J. Cole

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Kristaps Porzingis loved the shoutout from J. Cole in the rapper's track, "Huntin' Wabbitz," in which the Latvian's seven-foot-three stature is used as a metaphor illustrate how high the North Carolina native wants to stack his cash.

“To be honest, as soon as I woke up, like a lot of messages and the people were like he shouted you out and stuff so it’s pretty cool,” Porzingis told reporters (h/t NESN).

The shoutout from Cole was one of the better uses of an NBA player in his music.

"I don’t wanna show love, I don’t wanna give dap, I just wanna kick back, take trips, make hits, make big chips stack ’til they tall as Kristaps," the lyrics to "Huntin' Wabbitz" read.

They were certainly better than the lyrics from Cole referencing Cam Reddish...

“Seen plenty bodies trembling, resembling Cam Reddish, So full of potential, but never given a real chance to develop," the lyrics to "Pi" read (h/t For The Win).

The album title "Might Delete Later" should definitely apply to that Reddish line. The Porzingis line can stay, though.

Kristaps Porzingis the key to Celtics' championship hopes

Porzingis has earned notoriety off the court for what he's been able to accomplish on it. As Sports Illustrated's Liam McKeone correctly pointed out, Porzingis is the key to a Banner 18 run.

"When his teammates find him, Porzingis is basically taking warm-up shots with how open he is," McKeone prefaced before saying, "They won't always go in, but the Latvian center is a career 36 percent shooter from deep. He'll have nights like Wednesday when he is consistently hitting threes, and that's when the Celtics really start pouring it on.

"That is the key to Boston's championship hopes. When Porzingis is on, the Celtics are borderline unstoppable. How can defenses possibly stop him at the same time as two All-NBA wings and two All-Star caliber point guards? Even when Porzingis is having a bad shooting night, he's still a huge threat that defenses have to account for."

That's why rappers want stacks as high as Porzingis.