Kenny Smith endorses Boston Celtics assistant for Pistons head coaching job

Kenny "The Jet" Smith believes Sam Cassell would be a worthy head coach for the Detroit Pistons
Kenny "The Jet" Smith believes Sam Cassell would be a worthy head coach for the Detroit Pistons / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

Kenny "The Jet" Smith believes Boston Celtics assistant Sam Cassell would be a great fit for the Detroit Pistons head coach opening, sharing as much during an interview on Scoop B Radio with host, Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson.

"If you want a young team to develop players and develop skills, Sam Cassell is your guy," Smith said. "It’s impossible to look over him at this point after winning an NBA Championship. It’s like,Oh. He was in Houston and they won. He was there and they won…It’s not an accident being a champ! It’s NOT an accident. It’s impossible. There’s only one champ in this building right now and we’re in a building with 81 floors! There’s only one champion here and that dude has won it THREE times!"

Smith shared a strong stance on Cassell being deserving of becoming a head coach during the current hiring cycle.

"Now you’re talking about leadership, qualifications and resume," Smith prefaced before saying, "He has ALL three. So why wouldn't you hire a guy like that if you’re looking for a head coach? And he has a championship pedigree on all levels. There is nothing else you can do in basketball that Sam Cassell hasn’t done."

Boston Celtics coaching staff could see dramatic changes this offseason

Boston winning Banner 18 meant changes forced by other franchises putting the pressure on them to prevent a repeat. It's the only cruel part of hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy for a team that locked down its core for the long-haul and has no major impending free agents.

Jeff Van Gundy taking a lead assistant position on Ty Lue's Los Angeles Clippers staff was the first major move that broke up Mazzulla's coaching group. Cassell could, and most likely will be, the next.

With a championship in tow, Mazzulla and all of his players have confidence that cannot be replicated anywhere else. But he'll also have a void on his staff that he'll need to fill in order to maintain the championship standard Boston has now set.