Kendrick Perkins goes scorched earth on 2008 Boston Celtics teammate for parade comment

It's such a happy time for guys like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown but for two former Celtics there is some beef boiling.
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Kendrick Perkins is heating up to become the most controversial former Celtic (even more than Kyrie Irving). His comments have been very directed, but with the Boston Celtics becoming the 2024 NBA champions, a new problem has arisen.

Perkins and his 2008 teammate, Brian Scalabrine, have started a newfound beef about who was and was not in attendance at Boston's parade celebrating another historical sports moment. The two have been bickering back and forth — and it's not pretty by any means.

However, considering Perkins' track record, this could make some NBA fans find him harder to like.

The now-NBA analyst states that Scal "is a coward."

“Right now I feel like Scal is a coward. Was I the only 2008 member missing from the duck boat? No, I wasn’t,” Perkins said during an appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Felger & Mazz.” “(Eddie) House, my guy, he was there. Leon Powe, great friend of mine as well, he was there. Scal was there and Paul (Pierce) was there. There was still 11 other guys missing. And to be honest with you, if I would’ve gotten an invite, which I didn’t — I didn’t know we was supposed to — but anyways, nine times out of 10, I would’ve turned it down. ... That’s not our moment. That’s 2024′s moment. Let those guys have their moment.”

As you can see, Perkins seems infuriated about the White Mamba's words — that may be an understatement, though. Hopefully, the fire is put out before it begins to spread.

What else does former Boston Celtics big man Kendrick Perkins think?

Perkins doesn't stop there. He's hungry to say his piece.

“I got a problem with that,” Perkins said. “We can’t have a grown-man conversation?”

This was not the only time Perkins got into some trouble with his former organization. He has slanted head coach Joe Mazzulla for having the kind of brain that'd make a bird fly backward.

"Then you have the other Joe Mazzulla, who just stands over there, and you wonder," Perkins famously said on ESPN airwaves. "If you take his brain out and you put it in a bird, the bird is going to start flying backwards. You got that Joe Mazzulla."

Perkins has no love lost with the Celtics organization and players who once donned the green.