JJ Redick humorously recalls why he's not on Joe Mazzulla's Boston Celtics staff

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JJ Redick explained on the January 11 edition of Pablo Torre Finds Out podcast why he didn't end up on Joe Mazzulla's Boston Celtics coaching staff; essentially blaming the divergence after his job interview on a gaffe he made while answering a Cs front office staffer when asked about his future golf trips.

“We’re on the 11th hole, Joe and I have now been talking for 2.5 hours,” Redick says (h/t GOLF.com). “I’m asking him questions — what type of role I’m going to have? What would I be responsible for? Where can I help the most? — I’m getting a feel for him. And [Celtics assistant GM Austin Ainge] asks me, do I have any more golf trips planned this fall?

“I said, yes, ‘I’m going to Pine Valley on October 18th’ — and the look on Joe’s face...I knew as soon as I said it, I was like ‘oh sh*t.’ And I was like when does training camp start? When would you need me there? He was like, ‘Yeah, training camp starts Tuesday. We’d need you there Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.'"

Whether with the Boston Celtics or another team, JJ Redick will be coaching soon

Redick undoubtedly sounds like someone who isn't a fan of his current profession and could use a career-switch based on his description of life working for ESPN.

"People come up to me and they’re like, ugh you look like you’re having so much fun in media," Redick prefaced before saying, "And I’m like, yeah, it’s fun, and there are great days, but there are bad days, too. There are some really bad days. I leave my place of work, whatever it may be, and I’m discouraged. And that’s not a knock on anyone. I loved every day in the NBA, but this is a new thing."

Mazzulla's staff features former pros as is, but it sounds like it was one gaffe-free interview away from having Redick as well. Perhaps next offseason the opportunity arises, but if not, it sounds like Redick will do whatever it takes to become a coach and leave the media space.