Jayson Tatum not receiving NBA Finals recognition is a good thing

Jayson Tatum not winning the NBA Finals MVP gives him extra motivation heading into next season
Jayson Tatum not winning the NBA Finals MVP gives him extra motivation heading into next season / Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

After the Boston Celtics received the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy from Commissioner Adam Silver, most fans expected Jayson Tatum to receive the next trophy. After finishing with 31 points, 11 assists, and eight rebounds, Tatum seemed well on his way to receiving the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP award.

Instead, Jaylen Brown earned the honor (deservedly so), highlighting the scrutiny that Tatum still faces despite being a champion.

Ultimately, people are failing to realize that Tatum not being named MVP is the best thing for him. 

From the moment the final buzzer sounded after the Game 5 win over the Dallas Mavericks, Tatum was vocal in calling out his doubters. Tatum has been saying, “What they gon' say now?” as well as other things that show he has heard the criticism. All of the all-time great players still find a way to motivate themselves through tactics similar to this and it's what makes them special.

Jayson Tatum is only missing MVP honors on his resume now

Anybody who is concerned with potential complacency from Tatum following a championship shouldn’t have to worry because the Finals MVP and regular season MVP are what’s missing from his resume. Although Tatum already has an impressive resume at the age of 26, he is still missing those individual accolades that could vault him into conversations with the greatest players ever.

This is why I fully expect Tatum to come out with a purpose and an edge next season because the MVP wins are what he needs to fully put an end to any negative commentary surrounding his game. I would expect a different demeanor and tone from Tatum next season, especially in terms of how he talks with the media.

Imagine an angry Tatum out to prove his worth next season. That’s a scary sight for the rest of the NBA and a great thing for the Cs who will look to repeat a historic season.