Jaylen Brown explains key to mental success in sixth ECF in eight years: 'Embracing not giving a f***'

Jaylen Brown will be playing in yet another NBA Eastern Conference Finals and did not hold back as he expressed what another go-around means to him.
Jaylen Brown looks to continue his winning ways.
Jaylen Brown looks to continue his winning ways. / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics are advancing to another Eastern Conference Finals. This will be appearance number six throughout the last eight seasons, that's pretty crazy if you sit and think about it. After a commanding 4-1 series victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Brown has made it loud and clear the key to his mental success amidst his winning ways.

“You’ve gotta embrace that villain,” he said (h/t Jay King). “And as I’m getting older I’m starting to embrace it more. Embracing not giving a f*** whether they see (his value) or don’t see it, whether they appreciate it or don’t appreciate it. I’m focused on helping my team, helping my family, helping the city and I go from there.”

It's evident that Brown has soaked in being a "villain" on the streets of the NBA, but in turn, it has helped add fuel to the fire; launching him and his team to reach the success they've been able to accomplish.

Although, despite all of the wins, accolades, and success, none of that has translated into hardware on their ring finger.

The Celtics had an opportunity to back in 2022 against the Golden State Warriors but could not outlast the fiery Stephen Curry, who lit it up from downtown. That was the only time they ran the Eastern Conference gauntlet since 2010.

Brown has accumulated 23.1 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game, all while draining 55% of his shots from the field through 35 minutes of action. Man, if you do not call that effective, then what is?

His game-high after the first two rounds marks 33 points during Game 2 of the first round against the Miami Heat, which is only one of two losses after 10 outings.

Job's not finished for the Boston Celtics in 2024 postseason

Altogether, there's so much left to be said and done for not just Brown but the Celtics as an organization.

Draymond Green shared his opinion on their current situation, saying that "no one cares." And that might be true.

But like the late great Kobe Bryant said, "Job's not finished" is a much better way of putting things into perspective.