Grant Williams addresses Boston Celtics' playoff shortcomings during his Cs tenure

2022 NBA Finals - Game Six
2022 NBA Finals - Game Six / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

Grant Williams spoke with Forbes' DJ Siddiqi and some of his most notable statements related to his time with the Boston Celtics; specifically, the C's postseason losses to the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors in three of his four seasons. The Brooklyn Nets series was not addressed, most likely because it can be chalked up to Jaylen Brown's absence.

Regarding Boston's 2022 Finals loss to the Dubs, Williams chalked it up to Steph Curry playing to his typical MVP standard and role players being able to play over their marks.

"...that Finals run, Steph was Steph and we allowed guys like Jordan Poole, Otto Porter and Gary Payton to really affect the game. Each year was different," Williams said in an almost disrespectful way toward the group of role players.

As for both the 2023 and 2020 Eastern Conference Finals series, Williams gave the entire "Heat Culture" under Erik Spoelstra credit for out-gaming the Celtics.

"One of those series against the Heat, they just out-bullied us," Williams said of the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals. "In the bubble against the Heat, they shot the ball extremely well and our defense wasn't what it needed to be."

Grant Williams had three different head coaches on the Boston Celtics

You have to feel for Williams given how topsy turvy his first four professional years were. Sure, he got to be drafted to a winning franchise, but his first season was upended by a global pandemic, and his second season was largely affected by it still too. After his second season, his head coach, Brad Stevens, moved into the front office and brought in a new guy, Ime Udoka.

After his most successful season, he lost his head coach to a suspension (and eventual firing) due to off-court misconduct, only for a first-year head coach, Joe Mazzulla, stepping in on short notice.

That's a lot to deal with, and Williams dealt with it well all things considered. He got a four-year, $54 million deal during the 2023 offseason for his troubles. Now, though, he needs to carve out his own path, which has since been to two different destinations. And the one he's with now is the in worst position his team has ever been in during his career.

If nothing else, Williams has seen it all in just five seasons, and with three teams and five head coaches, in the NBA. That's valuable in and of itself.