Free agency has changed nothing about Boston Celtics' 2024-25 title odds

May the odds be ever in the Celtics' favor -- luckily, they appear to be.
The Boston Celtics are still the odds-on favorite to win it all in 2025
The Boston Celtics are still the odds-on favorite to win it all in 2025 / Mike Lawrie/GettyImages

The Boston Celtics' front office has been blazing, with so many moves and Brad Stevens is the guy to thank for the success. Other front offices have been making some noise -- exhibit A: the Philadephia 76ers acquiring Paul George -- while on the other hand, the New York Knicks grabbed Mikal Bridges via trade.

Both teams aim to dethrone the Cs from the top spot in the Eastern Conference. Easier said than done, though.

The odds are being calculated simultaneously and for Boston, their odds stand tall above all.

"As the 76ers (+400) and Knicks (+450) hold the second- and third-best odds to win the East, the Celtics are ahead of the pack with +150 odds to win the conference on DraftKings Sportsbook as of (July 7),"'s Conor Roche prefaced before saying, "The Celtics’ odds to win the conference have an implied probability of 40 percent and are similar to the odds they had to win the conference for much of last season."

Numerically, the C's odds seem like an outlier compared to the 76ers' and Knicks' but do not let that steer you away from the fact they need to play the game of basketball to determine results.

What are the NBA Finals odds for the Boston Celtics?

Banner No. 18 is secured but it does not stop there. Surely, Tatum and Jaylen Brown along with the entire organization want to keep the trend going and to keep it on the topic of odds — they're at the very top.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution lists Boston's odds at +295.

The next highest? 76ers at +800.

There's no difference — the Celtics are in a world of their own and it does no matter the setting. Whether it's in the front office, on the hardwood and within numbers — it feels like they can not be defeated.

Again, odds at the end of the day do not play much of role — they're subjective.

What does matter is how Tatum, Brown, and the rest of the crew find a way to put the ball through the hoop.