Former MVP an offseason trade target for the Boston Celtics

The offseason could involve grabbing a former MVP for the Celtics' front office.
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The Boston Celtics are four games from hanging their 18th banner from the TD Garden rafters and their first since 2008. In the offseason, though, they can still look to bring in more bench scoring to help their starters age gracefully.

Enter 2011 NBA MVP and No. 1 overall draft pick Derrick Rose.

According to Grant Hughes at Bleacher Reporter, he feels like the 35-year-old point guard can be a great add-on for Coach Mazzulla and the roster. He mentions that Rose is "at least wired to run the offense to the benefit of others."

“Rose is nearing the end of the line and almost certainly isn't a more valuable player on balance than Pritchard, whose minutes he'd probably cut into in this hypothetical," Hughes prefaced before saying, "Still, the veteran guard has settled in as a useful locker-room leader, and he's at least wired to run the offense to the benefit of others.”

Hughes expresses that hypothetically, Rose would cut into Payton Prichard's minutes, and rightfully so. His ability to handle the ball and his knack for maneuvering an offense still hold to this day, despite all the roadblocks he faced during his career.

What else could the former MVP bring to the table for the Boston Celtics?

Rose appeared in only 24 games this season, averaging 8.0 points, 1.9 rebounds, and 3.3 assists through 16.6 minutes of play; converting 46.1% of his attempts and 36.6% from downtown.

His brand of veteran presence at this point in his career is beneficial on the court and in the locker room. That kind of leadership can make a championship team come together, even if the Celtics are already title contenders. And maybe, in a few weeks, winners.

It's still way too early to discuss offseason moves, as Boston is four victories away from claiming gold. But it's Luka Doncic and former Celtic Kyrie Irving that's stopping them in their tracks.