Former Finals hero a perfect fit for the Boston Celtics

A former NBA Finals hero with the Cleveland Cavaliers could be the perfect fit for the Boston Celtics nearly a decade later.
Sacramento Kings v Boston Celtics
Sacramento Kings v Boston Celtics / Omar Rawlings/GettyImages

Something is missing from the 2023-24 Boston Celtics.

They're winning most of their games and seeing a high level of play each night, but the roster is still worryingly shallow. Injuries to any of the significant second-unit contributors would put even more strain on the starting five.

The Cs need more help on the bench so the starters can save themselves in the regular season and be ready to win in the playoffs. And a certain Aussie (Aussie, Aussie, oy, oy, oy) can potentially be what the doctor ordered.

2015 Finals hero Matthew Dellavedova would be perfect cuture fit for the Boston Celtics

A player who can give a great lift off the bench with shooting and defense is former finals hero Matthew Dellavedova. The nine-year NBA veteran is well-respected league-wide but is currently sitting on the free-agent scrap heap.

The former impact player for the Cleveland Cavs can be just what this team needs.

Throughout his entire career, he has been praised for how hard he plays night in and night out -- and his competitiveness has made him a fan favorite everywhere that he has played. Dellavedova can give Jrue Holiday and Derick White a breather; which would serve as the opposite for opposing offenses.

Being a former key contributor to a team an NBA Championship team makes the Aussie valuable to a team like the Boston Celtics; one that needs proven winners to finally get them over the top. Dellavedova would be a cheap signing who can provide the nitty gritty to help Boston around the fringes.

If Dellavedova is set to call it a career, it'd be a fine one behind him, particularly for an undrafted international student at Saint Mary's College.

But if there's another act in the Aussie's journey, well, please it be Boston.