Former Boston Celtics heart and soul a buy-low trade candidate for Heat: Analyst

Miami Heat v Memphis Grizzlies
Miami Heat v Memphis Grizzlies / Justin Ford/GettyImages

All U Can Heat's António Dias believes that the Miami Heat could pursue former Boston Celtics heart and soul Marcus Smart if the Memphis Grizzlies were to sell low on a player they just acquired in the offseason. The primary reason? Miami can't defend anyone on the perimeter right now, overextending Bam Adebayo at the rim.

"The Heat’s backcourt can’t contain the ball," Dias prefaced before saying, "Herro is mercilessly attacked by opposing offenses and can’t keep up with the volume. Lowry can’t move his feet, so he has to guard off-ball players and look to use his IQ and grit to have an impact. Josh Richardson has struggled against ball-handlers all season, taking weird angles at the point of attack and not dealing well with size and/or strength. You can’t ask Butler to be that guy at this point in his career, which leaves you with Caleb Martin and Haywood Highsmith, two wings that come off the bench. So you have to go to the market and get that player for the starting lineup. And that player might as well be Smart, if the Grizzlies are selling low on his contract. Smart will be out for at least five more weeks with a finger injury, but should be healthy in time for the playoffs."

Buying low for the Heat in this scenario would involve swapping out Duncan Robinson for Smart instead of Tyler Herro, and keeping the number of future draft picks traded to a minimum.

Marcus Smart in a Heat uniform is upsetting for Boston Celtics fans

If Smart somehow ends up in South Beach, Miami would have something they couldn't get when Joe Cronin shunned Pat Riley when the Portland Trail Blazers were looking to reroute Jrue Holiday after swapping Damian Lillard out for him: a switchable defender who can guard all five positions.

As has been said around these parts and is plainly obvious to anyone with any context of the situation, that would be highly upsetting for Celtics fans. Smart's injury may just keep this nightmare from taking place.