Former Boston Celtics fan favorite tabs Luka and Kyrie the two best players in Finals

The NBA Finals are about to begin and a former Celtic has mentioned who he thinks the two best players are heading into the series.
Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks - Game Four
Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks - Game Four / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

It's about that time. The NBA Finals are on the verge of beginning! The Celtics and Mavericks will square off on June 6th in Game 1. Surprisingly, Isaiah Thomas, a former fan favorite who used to wear the coveted green and white jersey, believes that the team from Dallas has the best players heading into the series.

"Dallas," Thomas said when asked which team has the best player in the Finals (h/t Sports Illustrated). "They got two of the best ever. Obviously Jayson Tatum and those guys are really good. Jaylen Brown is really good. But Luka and Kyrie are something we haven't seen. They are the best duo (in the Finals). They don't just have the best player."

This take is 100% subjective, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if they go against their former team. However, this is why basketball and sports in general are heavily tuned in — the controversy makes things enticing. But like always, none of it matters one bit; it's all going to be determined by the players involved.

Who does the have Boston Celtics on their end to combat Isaiah Thomas' take?

For starters, Jayson Tatum — five-time All-Star and someone who is looking to avenge their 2022 NBA Finals loss to the Golden State Warriors. That one is a gimme.

Who else?

Jaylen Brown, a three-time All-Star who normally gets overshadowed by Tatum's success, is starting to prove his worth to everyone. After the Celtics swept over the Indiana Pacers, Brown was named the NBA Eastern Conference Finals MVP.

It's awesome to watch Brown's growth, and it's making the doubters think twice.

Thomas' take states that the Mavericks have "two of the best ever," but he must remember that basketball is a five-person sport, not just two.

Besides Tatum and Brown, Joe Mazzulla has Derrick White, Kristaps Porzingis, Al Horford, and NBA champion Jrue Holiday. In comparison to rookie Derrick Lively, Daniel Gafford, P.J. Washington, and Derrick Jones Jr.

What's the difference between those two groups? Experience. That's so crucial and is a huge factor in deciding if a team will hang another banner in their respective arenas.

Regardless of what the former Boston Celtics fan favorite said, it will not change the fact that the two teams will duke it out on their own terms.

That's where we'll really find out who has the best players.