Former Boston Celtics big man: Kevin Durant 'irrelevant' and needs to retire

Minnesota Timberwolves v Phoenix Suns - Game Four
Minnesota Timberwolves v Phoenix Suns - Game Four / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Former Boston Celtics big man Enes Freedom (FKA Enes Kanter) poured salt in the Phoenix Suns' wounds in the aftermath of a 122-116 Game 4 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves -- a loss that completed a sweep -- by claiming that Kevin Durant is "irrelevant" and needs to retire.

"KD just needs to retire," Freedom prefaced before saying, "He is becoming irrelevant at this point."

Durant scored 33 points on 12/17 shooting (2/3 on 3-point attempts, 7/9 from the free-throw line), grabbed nine rebounds, dished out five assists, and blocked four shots in 46 minutes on the floor, though he had a -7 box plus-minus, during the loss.

Former Boston Celtics big man Enes Freedom dead wrong about Kevin Durant

How one could take a shot at Durant after Game 4 is mindboggling. Anthony Edwards deserves the most credit of anyone after a 40/9/6 stat line, though Devin Booker's 49-point night was the most heroic outing of the night.

If anyone deserves to hear it from talking heads, it's Bradley Beal. The former long-time Washington Wizards star failed to score 10 points and shot 30% from the floor. Even then, Beal was one of several Suns who failed to meet the moment.

But Freedom (Kanter) going after Durant, his former teammate with the OKC Thunder, reeks of engagement farming. In what world does Durant look like a player who should call it a career anytime soon?

If anything, Durant is probably in need of a new home. While another trade demand would do damage to his reputation, Phoenix owes itself a proper rebuild after giving up so much to land Durant at the 2023 trade deadline and Beal over the offseason.

The oft-outspoken Freedom (Kanter) probably overstepped in his KD troll just moments after the Suns were eliminated from the 2024 postseason.