Ex-Boston Celtics big shows Cs loyalty in interesting Joel Embiid statement

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers
Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Former Boston Celtics big man Rasheed Wallace showed shades of Cs loyalty in claiming that Joel Embiid should sit out for the Philadelphia 76ers during the postseason; considering the Sixers are a potential first-round matchup for the Celtics depending on how the end of the regular season and NBA Play-In Tournament shakes out.

“God forbid, you in the playoffs, you in a heated battle, let’s say with our nemesis the Celtics, and then things don’t go right with your knee,” Wallace said on “Gil’s Arena” podcast (h/t NESN). “Now, what’s the first thing they gonna say? ‘Ahh see, y’all should’ve shut him down. See, y’all wanna play him. We ain’t got nothing to play for, this and that.’ Nah, (the Sixers) ain’t got that team this year to go out there and for him to risk it in my opinion.”

Wallace, a member of the 2009-10 Easter Conference Championship-winning Celtics, must still have fond memories of being in Boston, because his Embiid comments make little sense. The Sixers are a win-now outfit that gave up assets to land Buddy Hield at the trade deadline. Sitting out Embiid would be punting on the season, and getting a late-lottery pick isn't much more consequential than landing a pick in the late teens.

Sixers missing postseason could force pivot on Tyrese Maxey, prompt pursuit of Jrue Holiday poach from Boston Celtics

NBC Sports Boston's Chris Forsberg believes the Celtics could have a poach threat in Philly this offseason as it relates to potential free agent Jrue Holiday; who has a player option he can decline in pursuit of a long-term contract.

The Sixers losing in the early rounds of the playoffs could make them a bigger threat to steal Holiday in the offseason -- because an early exit would make it harder to justify re-signing Tyrese Maxey to a potential max deal.

Boston's own postseason fate would determine their own interest level in fending that threat off.