Ex-Boston Celtics big man criticizes James Harden and Paul George for being disengaged

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Clippers
Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Clippers / Harry How/GettyImages

Former Boston Celtics big man Kendrick Perkins criticized James Harden and Paul George for their lackadaisical demeanors during a crucial Game 5 in the Western Conference Quarterfinals series between the Los Angeles Clippers and Dallas Mavericks. L.A. now faces elimination in Dallas for Game 6 after a 123-93 loss.

"PG and Harden are the most UNPREDICTABLE Players in the league," Perkins prefaced before saying, "It’s just weird how at times they don’t look engaged or even look like they give a damn."

To be fair to Harden, Game 5 was The Beard's first dud (seven points on 2/12 shooting) of the series; an ill-timed dud, but a dud nonetheless. George (15 points on 4/13 shooting in Game 5), on the other hand, is guilty of having one of the worst games of any star in the playoffs with a seven-point Game 3.

Without Kawhi Leonard, the Clippers needed both to be at their best. Unfortunately, neither were in Game 5, and there may not be another chance for the two to redeem themselves on their home floor if things don't improve in Game 6.

In fact, May 1 could've been the last time either wears a Clippers jersey given their free agent statuses.

Boston Celtics could see one or both James Harden and Paul George in the Eastern Conference

With the Celtics re-signing Jrue Holiday, the team most likely to have poached him, the Philadelphia 76ers, could be looking to sign George in the offseason to improve the core surrounding Joel Embiid. Re-signing Tyrese Maxey is a priority, but Tobias Harris's expiring contract, among others', opens up the Sixers' books to make a splash. George could be just that.

Harden most certainly won't return to Philly, but a team like the Orlando Magic in need of a ball-handler to tie all their frontcourt talent together could make sense as one of the final destinations for The Beard; "one of the final" being used here because of Harden's frequency of trade demands. If Harden can get over how things were handled when Kyrie Irving was on the team, the Brooklyn Nets can make sense as a free agent destination given the number of role players and the lack of a star to lead them.