Devin Booker 'gettable' for Boston Celtics in a star-for-star swap

Phoenix Suns v Boston Celtics
Phoenix Suns v Boston Celtics / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Devin Booker may be "gettable" for the Boston Celtics in a star-for-star swap involving Supermax contract holder Jaylen Brown in the offseason according to Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley.

"If Boston shopped Brown—and again, that's wildly unlikely—it would have the trade budget to chase virtually anyone," Buckley prefaced before saying, "Even in-prime, perennial All-Stars like Devin Booker might be gettable in a star-for-star swap.

"Brown is the superior two-way talent, but Booker boasts a deeper offensive bag. Since perimeter players like Holiday and White do their best work defensively, that's a trade-off the Celtics could reasonably consider."

Such a deal would team up Brown with Kevin Durant on the Phoenix Suns; a potentially ironic situation considering the two were often involved in mock trades sending the former to the Brooklyn Nets and the latter to the Cs in the summer of 2022.

Jaylen Brown mock trades show disrespect for Boston Celtics from national media

For real? Still?

Even with the Celtics making their sixth Eastern Conference Finals in eight years since draft Brown, No. 7 is seeing his name thrown in mock trades. Sure, the idea of Booker and Jayson Tatum is a dream, but Boston's current reality, being led by the Jays, is a title short of being a dream itself.

No other team could make this many deep playoff runs and still have the national media calling for them to break up. The talk made more sense every other year the Jays have been teammates than this, since Brad Stevens has constructed a perfect roster around them that complements their talent in every way.

Publishing this story in the wake of their second gentlemen's sweep of the playoffs is simply out of bounds. Let these Cs play the postseason out, and if there are issues preventing Banner 18 that trading someone could solve, we'll revisit it then.