Clippers' latest signing could end up on Boston Celtics by season's end

The Los Angeles Clippers' latest signing could end up on the Boston Celtics by the season's end if L.A. faltered like they figure to.

2022 NBA Finals - Game One
2022 NBA Finals - Game One / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

On November 15th it was reported that former Boston Celtics big man Daniel Theis was bought out by the Indiana Pacers and will sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. After landing James Harden, the Clippers are not winning like they were expected to. Or, as of the day of the Theis signing, at all.

L.A. is currently struggling and the team will likely end up tearing it down at the rate they're losing. All four of Harden, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard are on expiring contracts, meaning a rebuild could make the most sense starting at the trade deadline if the losing doesn't stop for the Clippers. If this does happen, there's a reality where Theis ends up back on the market, he would be a great return to pursue. It's not like it'd be the first (or second) time.

The Boston Celtics don't need anyone new in their starting five, but their bench is shallow. Enough to the point where it can be their downfall in the postseason. A big area where Boston is lacking is at the 5. The Cs need a tough enforcer who can play big minutes when Kristaps Porzingis and Al Horford need to rest. Theis has played this role for the Celtics in the past. Bringing him back is a bet on familiarity, and sometimes, that's what franchises need: a steady (and slightly sporadic) presence.

Daniel Theis could be a cheap get for the Boston Celtics if/when Clippers fall apart

Boston would be able to bring him in at a very cheap price; especially if the Clippers decide that it is time to tear it down. The hope is that the Harden trade continues to damage L.A. in the profound way it has thus far.

The Cs need to make sure to keep an eye on Theis if/when the Clips fall apart in Hollywood fashion given the stars in this story.

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