Brad Stevens sends promising message on Sam Hauser re-signing with the Boston Celtics

It sounds like Sam Hauser will stick with the Boston Celtics long-term
It sounds like Sam Hauser will stick with the Boston Celtics long-term / Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Stevens sounds like a man who's fully committed to making sure Sam Hauser remains with the Boston Celtics after his current contract runs out in 2025.

"I'm not gonna get into the particulars with what decisions will make with each guy and their contracts, but I will say we want Hauser to be here for a long time," Stevens said when asked about the second unit sharpshooter (h/t Inside The Celtics).

Hauser's future was cast doubt on when the Cs drafted Creighton's Baylor Scheierman with their No. 30 pick. Spotrac's Keith Smith labeled Scheierman a potential low-cost Hauser replacement "in case things go sideways" during negotiations.

"Love the Baylor Scheierman pick for the Celtics," Smith prefaced before saying, "That's cover in case things go sideways with Sam Hauser. And he can do some stuff as a ballhandler and passer too."

Boston Celtics ownership will spend on a winner

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck said he'd be willing to spend whatever it takes to win. Well, Boston won, so now it's about spending on the winners who could continue to bring glory to Titletown, USA.

One of the key decisions the front office made was re-signing Jrue Holiday before the postseason. By showing him the money, they committed to a future with the defensive ace -- and wouldn't you know it, they got an elevated performance from their first-year guard throughout the postseason.

Showing the money to Jayson Tatum, who's due for a Supermax, Derrick White, whose market could be all over the place, and Hauser, who has earned at minimum MLE money, could show appreciated loyalty and help bring Banner 19 home sooner. The locker room is clearly the right mix, so why tinker with it in any way?

This roster could be nearly identical to last season, which is only a good thing at the end of the day.