Boston Celtics have urgency to use Grant Williams TPE at trade deadline

Boston Celtics Media Day
Boston Celtics Media Day / Maddie Malhotra/GettyImages

As MassLive's Brian Robb explains, the Boston Celtics have an urgency to use the Grant Williams TPE this offseason -- because if they don't, they won't have access to it anymore this offseason due to the updated collective bargaining agreement between the league and the NBPA.

"Normally, a trade exception would last a full year since its creation, giving the Celtics to use the Williams TPE until the summer," Robb prefaced before saying, "However, the new provisions of the CBA will change the dynamics on that front for Boston starting this offseason. The Celtics are currently a second-apron team, meaning they are spending over the $182.7 million threshold, which will put several restrictions on them in future seasons.

"Those limitations will begin on the first day of this offseason though, specifically with the use of TPEs. Essentially, any previously created TPE will no longer be able to be used for teams in the second apron. The Celtics will also no longer be allowed to take back any more salary in a trade, aggregate contracts or send out cash in any deal."

Boston Celtics must consider using Grant Williams TPE, but not at expense of chemistry

Out of the available targets on the trade block who could fit in the Williams TPE, some present potential personality fit problems in the Celtics locker room. A big man like Andre Drummond has largely been part of messy locker rooms in his career. That could end up being a Tristan Thompson rerun. Otto Porter Jr. may also be someone who sounds better on paper than in execution. One has to imagine the current Celtics who were also on the 2021-22 roster remember those Finals battles.

Boston should be looking to use that TPE in order to maintain a tradeable asset in the offseason. A low-usage spot-up shooting wing in the vein of a Sam Hauser would ideal, perhaps a John Konchar, Simone Fontecchio, or Saddiq Bey, but the latter is due a big raise in the offseason.

If the Cs have to pay a little bit more for it in salary tax now, they won't regret having that extra trade chip later. Having a solid eighth or ninth man Joe Mazzulla can rely on in the postseason is why Brad Stevens makes any such move in the short-term.