Boston Celtics could upgrade from Svi Mykhailiuk with Steph Curry's brother

Dallas Mavericks v Minnesota Timberwolves
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According to NESN's Gio Rivera believes the Boston Celtics could look to replace Svi Mykhailiuk in the rotation on the buyout market with Seth Curry, who was just dealt to the Charlotte Hornets along with Grant Williams and could be looking for an out to become a free agent and play for a contender.

"Not the best shooter in NBA history, but still plenty serviceable," Rivera prefaced before saying, "Joining the Hornets alongside Grant Williams in Thursday’s trade with the Mavericks, it’s likely that Seth Curry will request a buyout to find a roster spot on a contender. Perhaps the Celtics?

"Curry didn’t get utilized very much in 36 games with the Mavericks, getting 12.7 minutes a night off the bench. The 33-year-old averaged just 4.3 points, but is still a career 43% shooting from 3-point territory. An addition of Curry would give the C’s an upgrade over Svi Mykhailiuk."

Seth Curry wouldn't have a role with Boston Celtics if he were to be signed

Brad Stevens revealed his post-trade deadline plan for his roster and how he'd handle the buyout market on February 9; revealing that Curry, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn't receive much in the way of playing time from Joe Mazzulla.

“I think we just have to see, number one, is if there’s somebody that can again provide great depth for our group,” Stevens said (h/t MassLive). “I don’t anticipate, you know a person that vaults into our, every night rotation.

“I’ve been really encouraged by how all those groups have combined to play well together. There wasn’t, you know, it was pretty obvious that we weren’t gonna make a big move just because, you know, when you start looking at what we can send out with the basketballs constraints that we now have with the second apron and where we are, and what we could take back, it wasn’t gonna be high money. Just because our high money guys are all playing great for us and are all critical parts of our team.”

The Cs have seemingly already made their biggest moves by landing Xavier Tillman and Jaden Springer. And even they might not get non-garbage time minutes in the postseason.