5 Celtics who are untradeable, 2 they can afford to let go

The Celtics are all-in, but who can they afford to trade?
Boston Celtics, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum
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Cannot afford to trade: Al Horford

Horford has been a key piece for Boston since his first stint with the franchise. The 37-year-old can no longer handle massive minutes, but his defense and versatile skill set are massive. Horford’s counting stats are down, but so are his minutes as he shifts into a sixth-man role. The Celtics are keeping his playing time in check in hopes of having him healthy when it matters most.

Horford has shut down Joel Embiid in recent years and his defense will be massive in the playoffs. The veteran can force even the best players into bad shots as he rebounds and protects the rim.

Al Horford is one of two trusted big men in the Boston Celtics rotation. They cannot afford to lose either if they want to compete for a championship. Expect Horford to come off the bench, but his minutes will increase whenever the franchise needs him to get stops.

The Celtics reliance on Horford should be a slight concern. He is 37 years old and cannot offer elite production forever. The 6’9 forward is such a key part of Boston’s rotation that the franchise must try to find a replacement for his inevitable decline. Until that happens, Horford is a player the C’s cannot afford to let go.