Boston Celtics stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown mentoring No. 1 2025 recruit

Both "Jays" are guiding this top high school prospect.
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Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, both former college hoopers out of Duke and California, respectfully, have each made a name for themselves in the NBA. Tatum has been named an All-Star five different times already in his career, while Brown has earned the same honor on three occasions. The two are also playing in their second NBA Finals appearance.

Now, they are being looked up to by the future of basketball as five-star and highly touted prospect A.J. Dybansta spoke about what their mentorship has been like — guiding him to greatness.

“Obviously, I want to get to the league and they’re in the spot I want to be in,” Dybantsa said (h/t Andscape). “Them playing for Boston and me being from Boston, I’ve been able to ask them a couple questions. I’m not super-close with them, but they’ve been mentors for me. Every time they see me, they tell me to keep going, that I’m going to be [in the NBA] in a couple years and to keep my head straight. It’s been good.”

Dybansta, a Boston native himself, is one big factor that has allowed him to have arguably the best duo in all of basketball, helping steer his head straight.

What's the inside scoop on A.J. Dybansta?

The prospect stands at 6-foot-9 and 200 pounds, as he's earned a rating of exactly 100, according to 247Sports, which is outstanding. He holds offers from top college programs such as UNC, Duke, Kansas, Alabama, Kentucky, and Baylor, just to name a few.

Dybansta is doing everything he can to make it to the next level of the NBA. He's likely going to be a one-and-done player, as many top high school prospects are these days, but this only allows them to chase their goals much sooner.

When the time arrives, Dybansta will hear his name being called by Adam Silver and will get the chance to step on the same hardwood floor as Tatum and Brown.

The future of the NBA is looking bright.