Boston Celtics reunion target opts for budding west contender in free agency

This former Celtic has joined a western conference contender who's in hope of making a playoff push.
Daniel Theis signed with the New Orleans Pelicans
Daniel Theis signed with the New Orleans Pelicans / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Daniel Theis experienced two different stints with the Boston Celtics starting with the organization during the 2017-18 season before leaving for the Chicago Bulls via trade in 2020-21. He joined back for the 2021-22 season before completely parting ways afterward.

Time travel to the year 2024 and Theis has signed a deal to join the New Orleans Pelicans, a team that's in hope of making a playoff push this coming season. He'll be joining forces with Zion Williamson and newly acquired Dejounte Murray.

Theis averaged 6.3 points, 4.1 rebounds and 1.0 assists for the Los Angeles Clippers this past season. He accumulated these numbers through 17.1 minutes of play, appearing in 59 games this past season.

One stat that stands out is his 37.1% from beyond the arc, his ability to stretch the floor is vital and will provide great spacing for the Pels.

It has been seven years for Theis and has yet to reach any kind of success in the NBA playoffs but his vision remains clear just like New Orleans.

How does the former Boston Celtics big benefit the Pelicans?

The Pelicans' front office is trying to shop Brandon Ingram around, looking for any deal that's worthwhile. However, what would be left behind is still sustainable for a potential playoff spot. The team is coming off a first-round loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder but reached higher than anticipated expectations.

The question is, "How will Theis fit in with Willie Green's team?"

Jonas Valanciunas' departure to the Washington Wizards left the center position to be filled — Theis does exactly that.

Theis should be plugged in to the five-spot and take over from day 1 (unless something happens that would result in otherwise). He's capable, experienced and solid to serve that spot just fine.

His floor-spacing abilities will be key as they'll allow for Williamson to bulldoze his way to the paint and Murray to get to the cup at ease.

Fortunately, his learning lessons from the prior years and the Celtics, especially, will allow Theis to excel for his new team.