Boston Celtics reunion with popular big man not expected until after trade deadline

A reunion with a popular big man is not expected for the Boston Celtics until after the trade deadline.
May 23, 2023; Miami, Florida, USA; Boston Celtics forward Blake Griffin (91) and forward Jayson
May 23, 2023; Miami, Florida, USA; Boston Celtics forward Blake Griffin (91) and forward Jayson / Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

MassLive's Brian Robb sees the Boston Celtics reuniting with Blake Griffin after the February trade deadline; that is if the two sides even agree to a deal for the 34-year-old to return to the Cs at any point and Boston doesn't go in a different direction.

"If Blake does return, don’t see it happening until after the trade deadline," Robb prefaced before saying, "At that point, rosters will be more settled and the C’s may hold an open roster spot or two for the buyout/free agent market."

Robb portrayed the Griffin option as the alternative to Brad Stevens taking to the trade market to find a more suitable backup big man for a contender than Luke Kornet has been thus far during the 2023-24 regular season.

"If it’s not Griffin, I do expect the Celtics to be active in trade talks for other bigs so there would be less of a reliance on Kornet if injuries hit the frontcourt in the playoffs," Robb wrote.

Analyst believes Blake Griffin could have similar comeback arc to Boston Celtics leader

Celtics Wire's Justin Quinn believes Griffin has it in him to make an Al Horford-esque comeback for Boston in the event the front office decided to give the six-time NBA All-Star.

"At the start of the 2023-24 season, there was speculation Griffin might be up to return later in the season so he can spend more time with his family (and save wear and tear on his body)," Quinn prefaced before saying, "If that speculation proves correct, we’ve seen what a well-rested Griffin can do — and with an Al-Horford-in-OKC-type break to go with it, a late-season signing with all his veteran savvy could accomplish much of the non-regular season aspects of what Boston still lacks."

It feels like a when, not if, regarding Griffin's Celtics return. After being well-received in 2022-23, and liking his time in Boston, that Griffin return will hit like cold water at 3 am.