Boston Celtics reporter brutally shuts down AD-Boogie propaganda: 'Stop the nonsense for clicks'

Chicago Bulls vs New Orleans Pelicans
Chicago Bulls vs New Orleans Pelicans / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

Boston Celtics beat reporter Jay King of The Athletic wasn't about seeing Anthony Davis-DeMarcus Cousins propaganda on his Twitter timeline -- calling Complex Sports' claim that the AD-Boogie duo was "one of the biggest what-ifs in history."

"If you were there you know they really weren’t special together," King prefaced before saying, "Pelicans had a 31-28 record with both players in the lineup. In 2017-18, they had a solid but not spectacular net rating of 5.3 with both guys on the court. Not a major what if at all. Stop the nonsense for clicks."

Record aside, the Davis-Cousins duo was held together by strong guard play from current Celtic Jrue Holiday and the key to the New Orleans Pelicans' shocking 2018 postseason run; one done without Cousins in the lineup due to his Achilles injury that effectively ended his time as a star in the Association.

Boston Celtics championship guard Rajon Rondo was key to Anthony Davis-DeMarcus Cousins' Pelicans success

NOLA didn't start getting things going during the 2016-17 season after Cousins' arrival enough to keep the Pelicans in any relevant late-season games. It took the signing of Boston's 2008 championship hardwood floor general Rajon Rondo to get Davis to the postseason for the second time in his first six seasons.

Cousins was injured when the Pelicans were cooking the Portland Trail Blazers in a shocking first-round sweep. It's fair to say Rondo is why the only full season -- for the schedule's sake, but not actually with Cousins' untimely injury and eventual free agent signing with the Golden State Warriors -- of AD-Boogie did so well.

Could Cousins have helped the Pelicans get further in the postseason? We'd all like to think so. But perhaps a healthy Cousins changes New Orleans' dynamic and takes the ball out of Rondo's hands too much.

The AD-Boogie duo's record just isn't convincing enough to call it one of the biggest what-ifs in history.