3 problems Boston Celtics must fix to win 2024 NBA title

The Celtics have things to work on as the playoffs approach.
Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum
Boston Celtics, Jayson Tatum / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Too many 3-pointers

No team in the NBA attempts more 3-pointers than the Celtics. Boston’s 42.6 per game is 3.2 more than the Mavericks, who take the second-most. They are not a fast-paced team. The Celtics are hunting those attempts, but former big man Kendrick Perkins thinks it could become a problem.

Boston ranks first in 3-pointers made and third in 3-point percentage this season. Jaylen Brown is the only one of their top six players shooting under 37 percent from long range. The Cs are creating a ton of open looks and knocking them, but shot variance can become a kiss of death in the playoffs. 

If they go cold, what does Boston fall back on? Do they attempt to shoot their way out of the slump or can the Celtics get to the basket more? The franchise traded for Kristaps Porzingis to add a post attack. Can Joe Mazzulla go to it if they are struggling in a postseason game or matchup?

This should not be a massive worry. The Boston Celtics are a strong shooting team with immense talent, but the franchise must have a backup plan. It should be a focus over their remaining regular season games as should working on sharing the ball for the most important moments.