Boston Celtics: Price is right for sharpshooter playing for Danny Ainge's franchise

The Boston Celtics' price is right for a sharpshooter currently playing for the franchise Danny Ainge is overseeing as President.
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As MassLive's Brian Robb writes of the possibility of the Boston Celtics acquiring Utah Jazz sharpshooter Simone Fontecchio, the price is right -- the Italian sharpshooter's $3.2 salary fits snuggly into the C's $6.2 million Grant Williams TPE -- but the threat of Danny Ainge playing hardball with his former protege, President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens, is present.

"Fontecchio certainly fills the need for another big wing that could shoot," Robb prefaced in an answer to a Celtics Mailbag reader's question about Fontecchio or Precious Achiuwa as targets before saying, "The price is also right with his salary being $3.2 million. Would Danny Ainge help out the Celtics or try to squeeze a bounty of second-round picks out for a depth piece? Find out in the next few weeks!"

Achiuwa was written off as a potential pursuit by Robb due to the New York Knicks' recent acquisition of the Nigerian big man.

"Achiuwa would have been an intriguing name as a big but he’s off the board now it feels like with the Knicks," Robb prefaced before saying, "They like him as a backup center and have that need with Mitchell Robinson out for the year."

Boston Celtics trade target compared to 20 PPG scorer before peak

SLC Dunk's Clint Nielson sees a little bit of pre-peak Bojan Bogdanovic in Fontecchio's game, though he did list enough caveats not to get overly excited.

"It is unfair to expect Fontecchio to become as good as Bogey," Nielson prefaced before saying, "Simone needs to develop a good driving and post-game to become a well-rounded scorer like Bojan is. Fontecchio joined the NBA two years older than Bogdanovic was when he joined. With those realistic and cautious observations made, it is worth monitoring how Fontecchio is helping the team win as a starter and doing so with a playstyle similar to Bogdanovic before his peak."

Even having someone comparable to Bogdanovic at all making under $4 million is a proposition Stevens needs to give serious thought to. Though Sam Hauser is already playing as well as one could hope in a reserve wing role, you can never have too much shooting.

Swap out Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk for Fontecchio and the Cs will be significantly improved. How much that costs could be one of the hundreds of hypotheticals the front office must ponder over the next month.