Boston Celtics player grades as regular season winds down

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks
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Jrue Holiday - B+

Jrue Holiday is one of the reasons we have seen Tatum and Brown's numbers drop. He only averages 13 points per game, but his value comes in heavily on defense. Holiday can, and is, guarding anyone from Damian Lillard to Joel Embiid while shooting 44% from three-point range. There aren't many players who can do both of those things.

Holiday is also doing his part in moving the ball in this dynamic offense, backed by his 4.8 assists per game, which ties the highest number on the team. He’s ensuring the talent around him gets to do what they do best and has done well in taking over the Marcus Smart role.

It seems like Holiday has gone under the radar a bit due to the other names on this team and not being a flashy type of player. However, when playoff time comes around, that is when the appreciation for Holiday will skyrocket.