Boston Celtics likely to retain everyone they traded for at deadline, last offseason

Boston Celtics v Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

As MassLive's Brian Robb reports, the Boston Celtics are more than likely to re-sign Jrue Holiday and Xavier Tillman over the offseason -- meaning that every player they acquired via trade at the deadline and last offseason, including Jaden Springer and Kristaps Porzingis, will be retained by the team.

The NBA's updated CBA was cited as the reason why.

"The Celtics are currently projected to be above the second apron, which means they will be dealing with a laundry list of limitations when it comes to trades and free agent spending," Robb prefaced before saying, "The most relevant items on that front include just having the ability to sign minimum contracts on the open market and strict salary matching rules for trades that will hamper a lot of what they want to do. All of this makes it very likely Jrue Holiday is back and Xavier Tillman will be re-signed since it’s much easier to retain the team’s own players than replace them. Outside of some tweaking on the edges of the roster, don’t look for any big moves this offseason, barring a disastrous exit in the postseason."

Boston Celtics winning title would lock in current roster for long-term

It goes without saying that the Celtics bringing the Larry O'Brien Trophy back to Boston would keep everything as is for the long term. Holiday re-signing seems likely in every scenario outside of a first-round elimination, though the Philadelphia 76ers loom large as a threat to poach him, while Tillman's market would probably only pop after a deep playoff run anyway.

Springer already had his club option exercised for next season while Porzingis has already been extended after the front office gave up Marcus Smart to land him.

A lot is up in the air until we know for sure where the Cs end up going this postseason, but barring the disastrous, expect this team to stick together for a long time.